Resources and synergies development

The Company … and its network

Our business is about sustainable management of natural resources through development projects and small-medium scale enterprises in Europe and tropical countries.

Resources and Synergies Development was first created in Belgium in 2009 and subsequently relocated to Riga (Latvia) in April 2010. We rent some pleasant office space in the outskirt of the Latvian capital city. We are located 40 minutes from Riga international airport (RIX). 

Resources and Synergies Development sarl was set up in Democratic Republic of Congo in 2012 and is managed by Mrs Gloria Assimbo.

Resources & Synergies Development sprl was set up in Belgium in October 2013 and is managed by Mr Christian Chaidron.

Resources & Synergies Development Pte Ltd was incorporated in January 2015 in Singapore. 

R&SD Technology sarl was set up in Luxemburg in 2015.

R&SD Experiences sia was set up in Latvia in 2016.

R&SD Construction sia was set up in Latvia in 2017.

These zeven organizations form the core of our network. We aim at expanding our network through local companies and NGOs.