Resources and synergies development

Faculty of Sciences in Kinsangani

R&SD  continues to supervise the rehabilitation site of the Faculty of Sciences of Kinsangani (UNIKIS) as part of the FORETS project (Training, Research, Environment in Tshopo), implemented by CIFOR in partnership with R&SD  and financed by the European Union (11th EDF). 

At the end of October, the site was visited by (from left to right) the Dean of the Faculty of Sciences, Prof. Pionus Katuala (INERA), as well as Mr Huart (CATCO, Technical and Coordination Audit Unit), Mr Ledant (project evaluator), Mr E.Tudico (site manager (R&SD)), Mr Fache (manager of the programme Agriculture/Environment of the DUE), in company of Dr P.Cerutti (director of the FORETS project (CIFOR)).

View of the building 6 from the building site 6.2. We can see there the guardrail / sun visor system to reduce sunlight on the walls of the building.

These buildings are remarkable for their design. The bricks, not fired, are made by compression and from a mixture of clay and cement.

This clay was taken on site by creating a storm basin under building 6 which will supply the sanitary facilities.

Natural ventilation will make the use of air conditioning unnecessary. The air flow is ensured by ducts, their chimneys can be seen painted black to accentuate the effect of suction and discharge of hot air.


The brick comes out of the hydraulic press and will be dried a week before it can be used.

The clay is sieved before being mixed with cement and then compressed.