Resources and synergies development

New staff members

New staff members have joined us.

Mr Hugues Ducenne has joined R&SD sia as Senior Forestry Expert. Hugues has more than thirty years of professional experience in forestry and agroforestry. He will work on a variety of projects in Latvia, Belgium and overseas, including but not limited to innovative techniques in woody biomass utilization, agroforestry development, wooden houses, etc.

R&SD sarl recruited Mrs Rosie Sengi as an office assistant in Kisangani. Rosie is a young professional who graduated from University of Kisangani (Democratic Republic of Congo). She will mainly work in library and administrative data management.

Mr Dylan Brasseur has just joined R&SD sprl. Dylan is a young and talented mechanic. Dylan is currently improving his skills as tree feller and other logging operations in Belgium.

R&SD Pte Ltd has just hired Mr Eugène Tudico. Eugène shall acts as a site engineer in Kisangani.