Resources and synergies development

R&SD still encouraging the talents

Since the beginning R&SD has provided people of good will with some support in sport and personal development.

R&SD Asbl has provided support to the football team, CEFOM (Centre de Formation Makanisi), founded in 2000 and coached by our colleague, Papa Victor. This initiative allows young people aged between 12 and 23 years old coming from various areas in Tshangu district (Kinshasa), to grow in a context conducive to team spirit and camaraderie. In 2017, the team will play in first division of Entente Urbaine de Football de Kinshasa/Plateau.

With some support from R&SD Asbl, Madame Marie-Pierre Castaing (France) ran the New York Marathon, and was finisher in the great race.

R&SD Asbl has also contributed to develop a corporate volley-ball team in the Volley Ball club of Sauvenière (Belgium). The team includes male and female players with some past experience in volley-ball at various levels of skills. This first season gave the players the chance to strengthen their game and the team cohesion, paving the way to a fruitful 2017 season.